January Report Card Day

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imgresIt’s the end of the month.  To keep on my 2015 goals, I’m going to evaluate them monthly.  I don’t want to get to Fall and have to cram for the final quarter.


I did put money in savings …three times.  And I also transferred those savings into my checking account when some unexpected expenses popped up… all three times. Full disclosure; the ‘unexpected’ weren’t unavoidable because I didn’t have to buy into the moment. One was purchasing a Keurig coffee maker.  I have been eating out less and wanted to splurge on something I would use regularly.  Every cup is perfect!  In theory, I believe I’m drinking less coffee than I was because it’s a satisfying cup.  That’s what I tell myself.  The other two incidents were picking up the tab when I found myself out with loved ones. Not in the budget but sometimes the splurge is what life is all about; celebrating the moments of my life (whatever happened to General Foods International Cafe…I loved that stuff).    

I did make a donation to a theatre company.  I also donated 5 bags of items to Goodwill.  And I picked up the dinner shift at Wood last night so I’ll put half of that cash into savings.    


I rocked this goal!  I have been cooking up a storm with my Gourmet Nutrition cookbook. I’m making most of my meals and they are organic.  I’m using fresh ingredients.  No processed foods.  I feel like I’m investing in my health by feeding my body right.  This is even more important because I’m working out so hard. 

I end the month having worked out with Josh 12 times, yoga 6 times, and 25 treadmill sessions. And I walked 322,723 steps (not counting today’s) or 10,757 steps daily average.  I am feeling stronger!  After last night’s shift ending at 11:28pm, my 7:30am training session came too quickly.  I dreaded it.  And I never dread working out with Josh.  It’s just the extreme opposite.  I love it.  What I continue to be fascinated by is the difference between moving and not moving.  If I hadn’t been scheduled to work out with Josh this morning, I would have sat in my place feeling sorry for my tired bones. And the act of non-action would have made me more exhausted. Instead, Josh got me moving and kicked me into a productive day.   

I also have been drinking less alcohol.  I’m consciously stocking the frig with La Croix water and I purchased decaf hot tea (K-cup chai).  And if I’m out, I try to limit my wine intake.  It doesn’t always work but still! 😉  I also treated myself to a deep tissue massage last week. My last massage was in September.  I want to incorporate a monthly massage to help my muscles recover from strength building. As Josh says, I’m transforming my body and massage is an important element in the process.    


After today, I will have seen and reviewed 15 plays this month.  My goal is to keep in the less-obsessive zone with a four plays/week target.  There are other areas of my life I want to focus on.  I went over a little bit this month but I’m keeping February more focused.  And besides the reviewing, I’ve written 12 personal musings.  As far as the daily creative writing; reviews and muses, I’ve written 27 out of 30 days.  I’m good with that. 

And on the flip side of my creative goal, I’ve read a classic.  Gertrude Stein’s “The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas” was our assignment for the Roaring 20s Book Club.  I didn’t really like Stein’s most popular book.  And frankly I didn’t like her writing style.  It was long-winded and self-absorbed.  But hopefully, I’ll take from the experience a life-long learning nugget to keep my writing and ego in check. 


I’m doing my daily chanting sending ‘peace and joy’ to loved ones and thanking God for this life I choose every day.  Still, I want to connect with community worship somehow. Self-guided spirituality is narrow.  I want to deepen my spirituality by learning from others’ practices. This is a carryover goal from 2014. 


Early in the year, I had  a team member resign.  Although I’ve put the career exploration on the back burner to rebuild and stabilize my team in the best interest of the agency, I have had the opportunity to hone my digital skill set for my professional development.  I’ve assumed the lead on our website overhaul.  And I’ve taught myself how to successfully edit the current site.  I feel pretty damn good about being able to perform in both jobs.  Plus, a huge bonus is I’m saving money for the organization by not filling the position right away.  In a nonprofit organization, any dollar raised or saved helps the mission!


I’ve gone nowhere!  My goal is traveling to one new state and one new country this year.  And I’m percolating on ideas on how to actualize and double that.  🙂


Yeah, I’ve done nothing with this one.  Although a guest at the restaurant might have been flirting with me last night, I’m just not interested in women that way.  She was quite lovely and kept telling me how nice I smelled.  Now, if I could just get guys interested in my Aveeno-Arid-Sports-Deodorant scent, I might get something going on romantically. 

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