Hold my hand, Louis!

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I’m falling in love with Louis CK.

imagesI mean I thought he was cute when he dated Leslie Knope on Parks & Rec.  I liked when he bested Bradley Cooper in “American Hustle.”  And now he is trending for a seven minute exchange on dating fat women.

I believe my life unfolds in sequential order through Divine intervention.  On Monday, Work Josh suggested I’d like the TV show “Louis.”  He said the storyline was authentic and the characters interesting.  And it was streaming on Netflix.  On Tuesday night, I was doing laundry and binge watching the first season.  The show is written, directed and performed by the comedian Louis CK.  It’s about his life being a stand-up comedian and raising two daughters.  Louis CK is like Seinfeld without the zany friends or perfectly scripted humor.  To use my friend Taya’s description, he is a guy guy.  He is an everyday schmo that makes a living at making fun of being ordinary.  His schtick is hilarious.  One of his bits is to announce that he finally has the body he wants.  He tells the audience that can happen for anyone if they just change their attitude and want a really crappy body.

I watched about 5 episodes from Season 1 on laundry night.  He hooked me.  His show covered homophobia, racism, and overly competitive parenting.  The messages were delivered with gritty reality.  There were plenty of dick jokes between he and his cronies.  Yet, there is also this underlying tenderness.  Louis CK is this guy who doesn’t say it or do it right but he tries.  He is unexpectedly heroic.

So, the day after I started watching this show.  It made history for what Forbes is calling ‘the most honest seven minutes on television.’  A waitress asks Louis out on a date multiple times.  He finally agrees.  During their casual banter, she calls him out for being afraid to date a fat girl.  Here’s the video:  Louis CK and the fat girl

As a fat girl that doesn’t date very often, thank you, Louis!  This is brilliant.  You, as the writer, director, performer, chose to tackle the subject with sensitivity and respect.  The fat girl is not portrayed  as pitiful.  She’s spunky, clever and beautiful.  She wants a everyday schmo to hold her hand walking down the street.  Right?!


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