EXTENDED Thru 4/6 “Hedda Gabler” (Writer’s Theatre): Fry-ed to Perfection

On Thursday, I saw Hedda Gabler for the last time – Kate Fry’s (Hedda) sublime performance has ruined me for any future Hedda Gabler productions.

Playwright Henrik Ibsen, translated by Nicholas Rudall, penned a tale of a complex woman.   The classic centers around the newly-married Hedda.  Living in the late 1800s, Hedda is discontent with the social mores of the era.  The convention of both marriage and motherhood bore her.  She longs for excitement.  She wants to make something happen.  She is desperately looking to make an impact.  Ibsen’s story is dramatic as Hedda tries to shed her melancholy by stirring the pot(s) within her sphere.

Read the rest of my review at Chicago Theater Beat.

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