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1499582101518991609919891088159951n1On December 19, 2013, I turned 50.  It was the best day of my life.  I prepared for the milestone by chronicling about it on my blog, 500 Days to 50.  For me, blogging is like living out loud.  I grapple with the issues of getting older and my areas of inadequacies.  There is something powerful about writing it down.  Verbal comments can be forgotten or dismissed.  The written word can’t be denied.  By ‘putting it in writing,’ there is an agreement… even if the agreement is only with myself.  I wrote it down.  I don’t want to forget it.  For good or bad, I own it.  It = my life.

I decided to continue writing post 500 days to 50.  First, I love the writing.  Second, I heard from some loyal fans encouraging me to continue.   So, much nicer than hearing ‘just shut up already’.

My plan is to combine all my writing on The Katy Chronicle.  During my 500 Days to 50 stint, I continued to maintain my theatre review blog, The Fourth Walsh .  The fragmented process doesn’t mirror my life philosophy.  I’m not a neat and tucked person. I’m more disheveled.  I like to mix it up.  My life isn’t compartmentalized.  It’s one big salad with interesting fixings I like to toss together.  It keeps my life zesty.

So, The Fourth Walsh will join with Spinster Says and Traveler Gal.  It’s my three persons in one.  The Fourth Walsh will feature theatre reviews.  Spinster Says will be my continued life musings as a 50something, single woman.  Much like yoga, life is a practice.  I continue to evolve into this trying-for-self-actualization person. And Traveler Gal will chronicle my quest for personal globalization through experience.  I’ve written about my international and national trips: Morocco (2011), London (2012),  Guatemala & Cancun (2013), Thailand (2013), British Isles(2014), Dallas (2014), Myrtle Beach (2014), Oregon (2015), Munich and Salzburg (2015).  My 2016 plans are for a new state and new country.

My writing mentor from childhood, Julie Scalise suggested I call this new blog:  Katy Ad Infinitum.  We shall see…

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