October Check-in

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October Report Card: I took this picture at the Garfield Conservatory. Ellen and I went for a tourist visit. I hadn’t been there in 20 years. I watched these birds interacting. I was amused how desperately one bird wanted to get outside and the other one wanted to get inside. I know some of my friends struggling with their jobs envy me and my forced R&R. They want to get out. And I’m so ready to get back to a full-time job. I’m the bird that wants to get in.      

Happy November!

I drove to my parents’ house today. The drive was beautiful. The trees are changing. The leaves are yellow, orange and red. Fall is my favorite season. Besides enjoying leaves this past month, I also did… 

Serving =  14 shifts! Fall marks the official end of patio season. It always is a bit of a slowdown for the restaurant when the weather changes. We’ll have a good two months and then after the holidays, restaurants struggle through the winter. I’m not looking forward to this source of income dwindling. Fingers crossed that I’ll be in my new position in early 2019.  

Job Search = 18 applications, 2 interviews, 1 network conversation!  I had a fantastic networking conversation with Roger’s sister Elizabeth. Her company is looking for someone who can write and has nonprofit experience. Eureka!  Our hour-long conversation is the most hopeful I’ve felt in a long time. As the job search continues, I’ve been feeling like I’m apologizing for my experience and skill set. She made me feel like I was the perfect combo. Even if nothing happens from the exchange, it gave me a boost of confidence and positivity.

Workout with Josh = 10 times!  I am so grateful for Josh. Our early morning workouts, get me out of my pajamas, out of my home, out of my head. He gently and firmly pushes me forward, over the physical and emotional barriers of strength training. Josh helps me waken my warrior for the long journey. 

Yoga = Daily Practice! Although I did not take any yoga classes, I did meditate every day in October. Following my September yoga retreat, I downloaded the Insight Timer app.  It has lots of options for meditation. I love it. Mid-month I took a Reiki energy workshop.  Since then, I’ve worked in reiki into my meditation practice. I cue up twenty minutes of music (from ocean waves to whales to rainstorms) and do a self reiki practice. Next, I cue up a guided meditation (positive affirmations or getting through hard times or loving yourself) for 5-10 minutes.  Then, I do sun salutations. I had a super rough second week of October. If I wasn’t doing this daily meditation practice, I would be seriously on edge. I do this practice and I have been very Zen all month. It’s been a lifesaver.

LinkedIn = 4 online classes! I’m taking advantage of time and the LinkedIn premium package. This month, I took courses on success habits, communicating through change, design thinking, and managing your career mid-career.  

Theatre Reviews = 11 reviews! I saw and reviewed 11 shows, CHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY (Broadway in Chicago), NELL GYNN (Chicago Shakes), LA BOHEME (Lyric), WITCH (Writers), WARRIOR CLASS (Comrades), GYPSY (Porchlight), LES INNOCENTS (rediscover), ECLIPSED (Pegasus), HELLO DOLLY (Broadway in Chicago), CIRCOLOMBIA (Chicago Shakes) and THE DARKNESS BEFORE THE DAWN (Factory). Rick also took me to THE WALLS OF HARROW HALL. The puppets were amazing but it was missing a story. 

Journaling = 6 entries! I continue to chronicle my journey in my third book, “Unexpected Changes”.  

Playing = YES! I saw two (Collette, Star is Born) movies with James, Ellen and Bill/Scubi. I had lunch with Oliver, Bill and Steve and dinners with El & Scubi & Bill & Rog, Abby, Maryam, Bob, and Josh. I went to Gator and Bob’s halloween party. They go all out on decorations in the house, yard and garage. Spooktacular! I ended the month with trick or treating at Magnolia Manor. Bill, Rog and Ellen’s neighborhood hosts 1000 or so kids trick or treating. I love it! We drink wine, pass out candy and see the parade of costumes. It’s so wonderful!    

As far as my 2018 goals…

Student for life: I’ve listened to 1.5 books and read a book.

I finished James W. Loewen’s “Lies my teacher told me.” It was an eye opener on how bias history is taught. I need to continue to seek the truth abut American and global history. The more we confront and grapple with the truth, the less likely we are doomed to repeat it. 

Mom suggested “Hamilton: The Revolution” by Jeremy McCarter and Lin-Manual Miranda. I listened and loved it! I’ve been fortunate to have seen “Hamilton”. It is my favorite musical of all time. I’ve listened to the cast recording… easily 50 times. This book described the creative process that birthed the masterpiece. Song lyrics, costumes, choreography, sets… it dissects the decisions behind the makings of HAMILTON. Miranda and crew are geniuses! 

Abby also let me borrow THE ALCHEMIST by Paulo Coehlo. Gorgeous! It’s a parable about a young boy that leaves his life in search of his treasure and life purpose. It is wonderful story of stepping away from the comfortable and into the uncertain. The power of divine intervention and the universe provide the guidance on his journey. It was a wonderful book for me… especially now.     

I also completed 4 online courses on LinkedIn and a reiki workshop. Plus, I watched a series of strong women documentaries on Jane Fonda, Gilda Radner, Lady Gaga and Queen Elizabeth II. And I watched ten TED Talks for career inspiration: what really matters at the end of life, restore your faith in humanity series (there are no scraps of men, love letters to strangers, how i defend the rule of law), neuroplasty, stop searching for your passion, Shonda Rhimes, 5 minutes to your purpose, allow things to unfold and you will find your purpose, a woman over 50 – a life unleashed.

Be an advocate for marginalized populations: I schlepped Abby’s seven bags of donations to Brown Elephant. The Brown Elephant supports Howard Brown’s free clinics.   

Be kind: I had a bad thing happen to me in the second week of October. Someone accused me of something I didn’t do in an aggressive and obnoxious way. I could have responded with vengeance or not responded at all.  I chose to be helpful. I chose to rise above the pettiness. I chose to be kind.      

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