This is a ‘Dear (Donald) John’ Letter

Friday, August 18, 2017 Permalink 0

Dear Donald John,

It’s you, not me.

When you won, I knew the country was settling. You are the loud guy that shows up during last call. People are wobbly and not wanting to go home. You promised a good time. The country was thirsty so it worked. We got into bed with you. I knew the hook-up wouldn’t be a sustainable, satisfying relationship. Yet, like any desperate romantic, I tried to believe the country could make you into someone better.

Tuesday changed everything. When you insisted that there are ‘fine people’ within hate factions, I saw who you really are. You ARE a white nationalist. I originally thought you went with the alt right base because you wanted to win. You found a neglected group of voters and spoke to their beliefs to win. You stirred up the hate to win. You promised to build a wall… to win. When you won, you moved on a Muslim ban and a Mexican border wall. I still kept thinking you were just cultivating your base to win in 2020. On Tuesday, when you spoke up for white supremacists and neo-Nazis, I realized you are one of them. You want the country to be ruled by white men. You are not interested in the country as a whole, only the white people. And this isn’t something you’re preaching about to win. It’s something you believe. You are not a ‘fine person.’ You’re a horrible person.

This isn’t working for me. It’s over. I won’t be writing again. You’re not worth my energy. I now impatiently await your resignation or impeachment. As always, I will continue to have courage and be kind.


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