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Dear President Trump,

You weren’t my choice but you are our President of the United States.

I voted for my gal. She is the most qualified person in our nation’s history to be Commander in Chief. She won the popular vote but you won the electoral college. Her political camp neglected key states. Your team did not. You honed in on unhappy Americans within those states. You stirred up their fears, their hate and their intolerance. You promised these Americans to make the country great again. Yet, your promises were built on denying the rights of many, including; women, the LGBTQ community, minorities, people with disabilities and the economically disadvantaged.

In her very dignified and unanticipated concession speech, my candidate told me to give you a chance. I’ve decided I will. 

You’ve never been President. I’ve never been president.  But what I have been, for my entire 30+ year, is a public servant. I have worked for our country’s marginalized populations, including; disabled adults, abused and neglected children, emotionally disturbed children, the LGBTQ community, runaway and homeless youth. You have spent your career focusing on money and making a better life for you and your family.  Over the next four years, I will help you remember your responsibility as POTUS is not to yourself or your family or key demographics in swing states but its to all Americans.  My plan is to write you letters of support to help you become a President for all Americans.

Today, I and many Americans are protesting your promises that made you a winner within the small but mighty group of electoral voters. As Americans, we have the right to share our displeasure with you.  As the President, you need to hear criticisms as our leader not as a reality show celebrity. You are now a public servant. I would encourage you to focus on empathy today. Listen to the unhappy people and hear their concerns. Try not to ignore or water down the dissatisfaction of this large group of Americans. Don’t shut them down with a tweet that amuses you but dismisses the issues. You wanted to serve as President. Your service starts today. 

And always, President Trump, have courage and be kind.

Katy Walsh

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