Review “Evil and Good” (Chicago Dance Crash): Mesmerizing!

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ChicagoDanceCrash_Evil&Good1Chicago Dance Crash (CDC) and Artistic Director Jessica Deahr present the World Premiere of EVIL & GOOD.

In sixty short and seamless minutes, the CDC ensemble (Kaitlin Webster, David Ingram, KC Bevis, Brian Humpherys, Zak McMahon, Kelsey Reiter, and Porscha Spells) build a powerful case for the innate presence of good and evil in the world. The performance is mesmerizing as the individual numbers and individual dancers meld together in fluidity.  The synchronicity is so flawless, their movements become one long graceful, muscular ripple from limb to limb. The concerted effort flows like a never-ending domino cascade. Each person responds with a seemingly organic reaction.  They are like one body with moving parts. In one sequence, they illustrate their impressive unified coordination by imitating an amoeba.   

ChicagoDanceCrash_Evil&Good2The hip-hop music sets the tone for the stylistic street dancing.  At one point, as a song talks about evolution, the ensemble form a long line.  Each person is crouched over a little less to show the progression from animal to human. In another number, flashlights are used.  It starts out with one singular light and eventually each dancer magically has one. The look is cool. It’s a combination of spotlights and shadows with dancers mirroring the movement. During a different sequence, Deahr, herself, climbs up on someone’s shoulders and falls backwards into dancers’ arms. She doesn’t hesitate or look back. The timing and the trusting is breathtaking.        

ChicagoDanceCrash_Evil&Good3CDC is all about the physicality. They rigorously twist, flip, and glide across the floor and each other. One of the guys spins on his head in true break-dancing flair. The show is dynamic feats of strength and rhythm. The only danger is Chicago Dance Crash makes it look so effortless, I dance out of the theatre. I wanted to re-create the same aesthetic visual. I don’t!  EVIL & GOOD is best experienced onstage by professionals.  See it this weekend or next.            

Running Time:  Sixty minutes with no intermission

The Vittum Theatre, 1012 N. Noble St.

Directed by by Jessica Deahr

Choreographed by Jessica Deahr, Christopher Courtney and Kaitlin Webster

Lighting designed by Erik Barry

Original sound designed by Johnny Nevin

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm

Sunday at 3pm

Thru June 16

Tickets are $25 and may be purchased by calling 773.342.4141 or visiting

Photos by Ashley Deran

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