Gratitude with Grace X 3

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A thank you note is the perfect way to let someone know that they did something extra special.  Grace sent me THREE thank you notes.  I received the stuffed envelop yesterday.  Nothing says appreciation for two weeks at camp than the independently and thoughtfully chosen words of a 7 1/2 year old.

The actual card….

Der Aunt Katy thank you

for taking my to the rofe

thank you for driner 

and brekfist and lunlc

and for camp and

the movies

and for ever


cls love


The additional letter inside…

Oh and thanks for

Isabell the movie makensie

the movie plans fir and resko

taking me to waresor

and making thank you for get

me fiflops and getting ice

cream for me

thank you for taking 

me to the party

thank you for taking

me bake and forth

to camp and

geting me a cooie






teter camp

P.S. You are the best

And the bonus picture…


YOU       ME

Coler is oraneg

I colored you orange becomes your favist


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