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blog_116_128The fourth wall is the theatre term used to describe the invisible wall that separates the audience from the stage.  When a friend suggested The Fourth Walsh as the name of my blog, I agreed it was perfect!  I’m reviewing theatre from the audience perspective.  I’m not a theatre expert or a critic.  I’m just an opinionated person who enjoys being entertained!

May 31, 2020 will mark my eleventh anniversary of reviewing plays in Chicago.  What started as a musing at a Cubs games has turned into a jobby.  In 11 years, I’ve changed platforms four times: blogspot to wordpress to moving word to quick blogcast.  I’ve been featured on Chicago Now  and Chicago Theater Beat. 

I’ve even co-hosted a weekly theatre podcast with Joshua J. Volkers called Chicago Theatre Off Book on CHIRP.  We produced 68 shows before we went dark. Josh and I got to interview storefront and the big theatre guns.  It was a blast!

I’ve seen 1000+ plays from 300+ different theatre companies! Over the past few years, I’ve recruited some of my favorite writers to join me in reviewing theatre to expand T4W impact.  Although my enthusiasm for plays hasn’t diminished, I’ve determined my work/life/theatre balance needed tweaking.  It’s impossible to personally see everything despite my best efforts.  I am in constant awe of the talent in the Chicago theatre community.  Actors, writers, directors, designers are passionately committed to their craft in an effort to entertain often with little to no compensation. Even when I don’t enjoy a show, I delight in some element of the production (…mostly!).

With Year 12, I’m looking forward to again immersing myself in innovative theatre Chicago-style!  And now on with the show…


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