Day 4 Vancouver: Walk over Canada

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 Permalink 0

We started the day in our wharf hood, Steveston, by visiting the fishing canary museum.  The tour took us along the entire process from boat to can.  The fish production in the early 1900s sounded gross and intense.  These hard-working laborers worked to get the fish into cans before it spoiled. They were paid horribly especially for the disgusting job.  Kids even started working the line at age 8 for ten cents a day.  The tour was fascinating.

In the afternoon, we went into Vancouver.  My friend Michelle had recommended experiencing “Fly Over Canada.”  A super cool virtual reality.  Our seats moved forward into this individualized theatre.  The film footage was in front of us, below us, above us, on the sides.  We went over mountains and water.  It was stunning.   Later, we walked over Canada to dinner.  We had time and the inclination to walk the 4 miles to our destination in the Cambie neighborhood.

We ended our day at Vij’s.  The contemporary Indian restaurant had been recommended to us by several people.  It was very flavorful and delicious.  We shared multiple dishes including goat.












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