I thought I couldn’t cook but I was wrong!

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Shrimp jambalaya

Shrimp jambalaya

When I was a kid, I tried to make Jello.  I failed…over and over!  It was a combination of things. I couldn’t wait for the water to fully boil or the Jello to completely dissolve. Although Jello appears simplistic in nature, it continues to be my unsolved mystery.  Back in the day, I also sucked at Easy Bake Oven cakes. ‘Easy’ wasn’t my description. My cakes were either over-done or under-done.  Baking with a light bulb is tricky.  Cooking never really worked out for me. I tried making an ice cream pie before. I didn’t realize the crust need to be baked. Yeah, I’m not a good cook.  I lack patience and passion! The idea that I’m a horrible cook has resonated with me for nearly 50 years.

A couple months ago, I discovered Home Chef.  And I discovered I can cook!  Here’s what I love about Home Chef…

  1. It makes me feel like I’m a gourmet chef.
  2. I cook two meals (2 servings each) a week for less than $45.  Cheaper than eating out.
  3. I don’t have to grocery shop!!! Scouring the store aisles for obscure ingredients annoys me.  With Home Chef, it’s in my box.
  4. I can make freaking pork dumplings.  Potstickers!  I love ’em! I made ’em!  I ate ’em!
  5. I love the variety of the food.  My current fave is shrimp jambalaya.  Who knew I loved shrimp jambalaya?
  6. I can make a FRESH meal in 60 minutes or less.  #screwyouLeanCuisine
  7. I love it gets delivered to my house.
  8. It says 2 servings but I can squeeze out 3-4 meals (full disclosure I’ve had gastric bypass).
  9. It answers the annoying question in my head, “what’s for dinner?”
  10. I rock as a cook!  See my photos of the meals I cooked…


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