Dear Bill Cosby,

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o-THE-COSBY-SHOW-GUYS-WITH-KIDS-facebookDear Bill Cosby,

I know your life is tough right now.  This IS a fan letter but it’s also a hate letter.


You were an icon.  You had great stand-up comedy fame.  You were the JELL-O pudding spokesperson.  And the tour de force behind all the voices of Fat Albert in the 70s.  Yet, your defining celebrity moment was in the 80s. You changed how black people were viewed on television.  You showed a solid married couple, doctor and lawyer, raising their children.  This was a pivotal bridge from the ghetto of “Good Times” to the plush home on “Fresh Prince Bel Air.”   You did that! You, personally, shifted the way everyone viewed a black person’s possibility. The Huxtables were a family anyone wanted membership in.

You were famous and rich.  Who wouldn’t want to have sex with you? 

Still, dozens of women are saying that you drugged them.  And then you had sexual relations with them. Dozens!  Not one.  Dozens!

WTF, Bill Cosby?

Unfortunately, I realize this is not an isolated moment in our history. For the last 2015 years +, I’m certain a lot of men -and probably a few women- have misused their positions of authority, of fame to have sex with people not receptive to the idea. AKA rape!

I’m not naive, Bill Cosby, to the tomes of historical sexism!

Still, I hate what you allegedly did. You, Bill Cosby, Dr. Huxtable,  Rudy’s dad, Claire’s husband, drugged and raped women.  That is now your legend.  This is now how you will be remembered.  The COSBY SHOW will cease to be showed.  And all your good work in breaking racial barriers and promoting a different image of a black family will disappear. 

You believed you were above the law, above decency and above all these women you violated.  You thought with your dick.  And you were minimally a dick and more accurately a serial rapist.

Oh, Bill Cosby!   


A past fan

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