Oregon Day 8: Grants Pass! Who knew? “It’s the climate”

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Tuesday was a fairly lazy day for me.  A large portion of the family went to Crater Lake for the day.  Christy and her clan went to do laundry and visit a gold mine.  The parents, Jenny and me hung around the lodge and then we hung around in town.  Downtown Grants Pass has a few streets of adorability.  There are plenty of vacated buildings as we were driving in but we landed in a good spot, The Bohemian.  Our server was very welcoming.  He sat with us for awhile and suggested some must-dos in this part of the state. 

The streets of Grants Pass have a variety of different sized bears all uniquely painted.  According to our server, there will be 40 more bears appearing on the streets.   Tourist season has just begun and they are rolling out the bears.  In the middle of town is a banner with the Grants Pass‘ tagline ‘It’s the Climate.‘  Hilariously, it doesn’t say what about the climate.  It just indicates that it is.         

Much like in Sunriver, the mornings and evenings are cool.  The days are 80s/90s.  The peak temperature happens towards evening like 4 or 5pm.  And the pace here is very laid back despite a house of activity-driven Walshes.  Throughout my travels in Oregon, there have been plenty of signs saying ‘relax.‘ And I certainly am complying.   Of course, I’m not letting my cousin Michelle relax I goaded her into doing a 2.5 minute plank after happy hours started.  She did it!  The gal rocks!   

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