Oregon Day 7: #WalshReunion

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Monday, I woke up early in Medford.  My Walsh reunion pick-up was 2pm.  I had time to do laundry, return my rental car and see some of the town.  Inn at the Commons turned out to be such a great discovery.  Free breakfast and coffee.  And after checking out, they allowed me to ride the complimentary shuttle back from the airport after dropping off my rental.  They also kept my suitcase while I walked the town.  Very kind staff!

At our family reunions, families take turns hosting different meals.  Having a reputation for not being a good cook, I volunteer for the daily coffee station.  It’s not completely altruistic.  I like good coffee.  And I wanted to try some of the local roasters.  Oregon has plenty of microbreweries and coffee roasters.  I purchased from Medford’s local coffee house, Limestone and Bad Ass Coffee.  Technically, Bad Ass is produced in Utah.  But I liked the name. 

The parents and Jenny picked me up circa 2 and we headed to Grants Pass via the Costco.  We stopped to get some provisions for the lodge, specifically; wine.  Grants Pass was a short 25 minutes from Medford primarily on highway.  Closer to the lodge, it’s a winding, one lane, gravel road.  Kelly Lodge is tucked up on a mountainside.  The lodge could be described as ‘the house that grew.‘ It rambles on like an addition on an addition on an addition.  There are hidden staircases and three kitchens.  It’s huge.  The only downside so far… no wi-fi.  And Verizon could be the official sponsor of the reunion because me and my parents are the only ones getting cell service.

Here’s the break-out of attendees with the original Walsh kids in age order….

Walsh sibs/Spouses  Kids/Grandkids/Great grandkids

  • Tom &Linda
  • Jim & Sue
    • Jenny
      • Abby
    • Christy (& Bob)
      • Megan
        • Grace, Carson
      • Matthew
    • Me
  • Micki
  • Jerry & Ann
  • Peggy
    • Kevin (&Lorri)
      • Jacob, Ethan, Owen, Anna Grace
  • Sue & Roger
    • Michelle (&Eric)
      • Max, Karissa
  • Laura & David

We started doing reunions when my grandma turned 80.  The first one was in Breckenridge, Colorado followed by Lake Tahoe; Stowe, Vermont; Big Bear Lake, California; and New Buffalo, Michigan.  Grandma only made it to the first one but she’d be happy knowing the family continues to gather in celebration.  I’m the only one of my generation to make all 6 reunions. 

Aunt Sue, Uncle Rog, Cuz Michelle and her Bloom-ing bunch are the reunion host committee.  They found the place, stocked it with food and even bought hats.  With all that positive Irish spirit generated from Walshes gathering under one roof, the Blackhawks easily won the Stanley Cup.  It was a great reunion start.                    

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