Oregon Day 6: Goodbye Retreat, Hello Medford!

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On Sunday, I started my day with my last yoga session of the retreat.  The retreat officially ended with the morning class but half of the crew had already departed for home.  Jenny led a group of seven through stretching poses that would prepare us for traveling.  I was a great last class.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my retreat with Yoga within You.  I’d highly recommend Jenny and Brooke as yoga instructors.  They are wonderful.

I left for Medford via rental car from Redmond’s airport.  Fun fact about Oregon, the state is one of two that will not allow people to pump their own gas.  I was scolded and warned about the $10,000 fine.  Hey, I love full service.  I just didn’t know. 

I originally thought I had a two hour trek to Medford.  Nah, three and half hours.  The speed limit is 55 on the highways and 35 on winding up and down the mountains.  It was a beautiful drive through mega national forests.  There were very few places to stop and not very many signs to let me know where I was.  Yet, it was impossible to get lost.  It’s basically two highways.  It was like traveling in a tree covered tunnel. 

I arrived in Medford circa 5.  I had reservations at Inn at the Commons.  The place is a well-preserved throwback to a 1960s motel.  Initially, I was a little hesitant on this TripAdvisor.com recommendation but it worked perfect.  The staff is super friendly.  The room was spacious and clean.  The building’s facade is motel modest but the inside of my room was nicer than many hotels I’ve stayed in.  Larkins is the restaurant on-site.  It also reflects a mid-century-rat-pack era.  The bar doesn’t have high tops.  It has regular chairs and then behind the bar is sunk so the bartender is at eye level.

My plan had been to see the city, get some steps in and shake off the drive fatigue.  Unfortunately, it was 95 degrees.  And unlike my spoiled resort days, there weren’t tree lined paths that kept it cooler.  It was fricking hot!  And it was Sunday so the downtown area was basically closed for the evening.  I wandered around a little then got a bite at Jefferson Spirits.  I was hoping after I ate it would have cooled down so I could stroll the town.  It didn’t.  I wandered back to my room and watched the season finale of Game of the Thrones… yowza!  That show knows how to be unforgettable.                    

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