Oregon Day 12: Seattle!

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Sunday was my last day of my Oregon vacation and I spent it in Seattle, Washington. Two days in the car from Grant’s Pass, Oregon to Renton, Washington gave Jenny and I plenty of time to come up with a Father’s Day plan that would make our dad and the rest of the crew happy. 

Because of the U.S. Open in Olympia, hotels were expensive and hard to come by. Jenny had booked us in Renton, Washington at the Larkspur Landing for Saturday night.  It looked like a lodge but acted like a business person’s hotel.  The rooms were suites with kitchens.  There was a free breakfast, complimentary laundry facilities and my dear old dad’s favorite perk:  fresh-baked cookies in reception.   

On Sunday morning, we headed to mass at St. Anthony’s in Renton.  We lucked out.  It was a very charismatic parish.  There was a joyful vibe upon arrival, an unfortunate rarity in the Catholic Church.  The people were very kind to each other and welcoming to us.  Dad was even asked to join the choir at the end of mass. 

For the afternoon, I had booked us a 3 hour tour with Show Me Seattle.  Dad had been doing all the driving up and down winding mountain roads for two days.  We wanted him to enjoy the scenery.  Show Me Seattle was a shuttle tour instead of a bus tour.  The occupants would be no more than 14.  Well, it ended up being five; dad, mom, Jenny, Abi and me.  Dan was our private tour guide for three hours. 

The tour was a combination of history and current city lore. We found out Seattle is the second hilliest city after San Francisco. We saw the hot spots like the Public Market where throwing fish has become a tourism attraction and an example of teamwork success for the workplace.  We went past various ethnic neighborhoods, wharfs, locks and even got a tutorial on salmon spawning.  Dan was a great tour guide with a commentary peppered with humor. 

We ended our day with an exclusive dinner at the home of some locals.  Our decision to fly out of Seattle was so Abi could see her Aunt Ame and Uncle Mark.  Ame is Art’s, my late brother-in-law’s, sister.  Ame and Mark have this stunning, modern home nestled in the mountains overlooking the river.  Gorgeous!!  And we dined on the veranda enjoying the view and breathing in the jasmine.  Lovely!

Although mom and dad continue on their vacation in the Pacific Northwest, Jenny, Abi and I grabbed the red eye arriving in Chicago at 4:30am.  It was a long, loopy day for me at work on Monday.  Yet, it was worth it. I had a wonderful vacation.   

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