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IMG_1532I love this statue.  I took the picture in Ireland this summer.  The joyful stance of the dancers makes me smile.  It’s called “The Cashel Dancers.”  It was sculpted by Rowan Gillespie and is situated in the parking lot at the Rock of Cashel.

This statue symbolism amuses me on a few levels.

First, I need to dance more!  And I’m not talking the quiet, swaying kind.  I mean the leaping for joy and embracing the musicality of life movements. 

Second, Ireland prevailed over a famine.  They still struggle with unemployment and poverty.  Yet, the Irish dance!  They enjoy life’s simple pleasures.  They aren’t waiting for everything to be just right before they kick it up.     

Third, inspiration can be found in a parking lot.  Even though we got out to see The Rock of Cashel, a major fortress on a hill, this statue had more impact for me.  I never know where life’s profundity is going to strike.  



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