“This” is an important distinction

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10390169_10152493029314936_9215501260443573469_nI blogged a sentence on Wednesday that got a frenzied response.  People in their Facebook skimming read my line without the word ‘this.‘  It sounded like I announced someone’s death.  EGADS!  Facebook is not the first place I make life-altering announcements.  That’s what email is for 😉

I was talking to Richard last night about a mutual friend’s possible move to NYC.  Like Rich’s relocation to Dallas, her move would be sad for me.  Although I would miss seeing her in person, I know more and more technology keeps us together.  Texting binds people like modern-day pen pals.  The usually instantaneous communication provides an immediate connection.  Even if someone doesn’t text me back in the moment, I know they will within a couple hours.

For me, it’s the least intrusive manner of bantering.  I prefer texting over g-chat or any instant messaging platform.  Those types of live chat feel pressurized.  The person knows I’m there lurking in a virtual corner and they demand my response.  Texting gives some anonymity.  You can’t tell if someone is seeing your text right then so the expectation for response time is lowered. I like that.

During my British Isles vacation, I creeped on Facebook every time we got on the bus.  The wi-fi was good and free.  And I missed my life.  Even though my standard FB entries are a blog post or a theatre check-in, I enjoy skimming over others’ random rants on topical things like Gaza or the World Cup.  I also  like to browse through pictures and check-ins to see what people are up to.  I’m not so keen on ongoing dramatic statements meant to manipulate emotion.  Still, I guess everyone is entitled to express themselves the way they choose.

My favorite bangle company, Alex and Ani, often put up motivational nuggets that I love on Facebook. This one speaks to me.  Of course, “be at peace” and “one with yourself” is my regular jam.  I work at those.  The end note is the interesting twist.  “Be amazed”!  It’s not an inspirational quote to BE amazing. For me, it suggests allowing myself to delight in life.  I can and should embrace the wondrous aspects of hot coffee, a summer breeze, a kind friend.  My day is full of amazement when I take the time to recognize it. Undeniably!

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