Sailing on the friendship

Saturday, May 10, 2014 Permalink 0

Saturday was a friend-fest.  I had virtual coffee with my Annapolis sidekick, a bellini brunch with my playdate and dinner with my favorite Albany Park couple.  And James even made an evening cameo appearance.  The day was a marathon of conversations about everything and nothing.  I laughed a lot.

Friendships are an ongoing surprise in my life.  Their first appearance is serendipitous. Their ongoing presence is a decision.  Although family is family forever, friends are a mutual choice.  I must choose him/her.  He/she must choose me.  As a single gal, my friends fill the gap on the missing spousal role.  Their collective attributes make for the ideal husband. And I try to spread out my neediness across them all so no one person is overly burdened in being wed to me.  I love them for their similarities and differences.  Here’s what my bffs look like close up…

*Sense of humor

*Sense of self


*Acceptance of me intertwined with the ability to challenge me


*Not stagnant always reinventing and refocusing

*More positive than negative

*Cynical but optimistic




The other day Abby and I were chatting about *the one.*  I told her I didn’t have just one.  I have many loves of my life.

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