Review “Solstice” (A Red Orchid): Riveting!

AKirsten_Fitzgerald_and_Meighan_Gerachis_in_Solsticethumb Red Orchid Theatre presents SOLSTICE.

Playwright Zinnie Harris penned a disturbing tale.  The setting and time period is anywhere in the near future.  In a town separated by economic and religious differences, one family is the microcosm.  Dad is a religious fanatic. Son is a rebellious teenager.  Mom is afflicted with an environmental disease.  Uncle tries to coerce the family into selling their home.  On top of these happenings, Harris piles on unrequited love, adolescent sex, body scars and military explosives. Even though Harris‘ complicated tale isn’t always understandable, it’s riveting.  Read the rest of my review at Chicago Theater Beat.

Sarah Price in A Red Orchid Theatre's "Solstice" by Zinnie Harris, directed by Karen Kessler. (photo credit: Michael Brosilow)


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