March Madness… I’m out!

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This is the last day of March.  And it’s the eve of my Serenity April.  This winter has clobbered me.  There’s the weather.  (enough said)  Then, there’s my extra-curricular activities. The plethora of theatre openings from mid January to now has been lunacy.  I’ve seen about 50 plays, reviewed 47 of them.  Good stuff but delivered in a frenzy blur.

For the last few Saturdays, I’ve been going to South Bend and helping my sister close down her nightclub.  I’ve been literally and figuratively smothered in liquor. This past weekend we drained several gallons of booze from the ceiling.  I know more than I ever needed to know about the intricate inner-workings of bartending systems and the drinking habits of South Bend.  Amaretto? Amaretto is so popular that it was one of 14 liquors on the expedite network. Really, Indiana, what are you putting amaretto in?  Here’s a picture of Trixie doing her part in squishing the bottles down.

Tomorrow, I begin Serenity April.  I’m going to concentrate on mind-body-spirit.  In each of these areas, I could use some focus.  I’ve been lax in some and just mechanical in the others.  I want to be intentional in ‘spring cleaning‘ my person.

MIND:  I’m going to balance out my intellectual stimulation.  I’ve committed to only 14 plays this month.  With restraint, I’m going to resist the impulse to add additional ones.  Instead, I’m going to pursue other learning opportunities.  Even knowing “Games of Thrones” and “Veep” are opening their seasons, I’m going to limit the amount of time I’m looking at a screen.  I stare at a computer all day at work.  In my off time, I’m going to choose books, people and experiences over TV.

BODY:  I’ve gotten away from planning meals so eating has been haphazard.  I’m going to get back juicing this month for breakfast.  I do love -wait too strong of a word- like these Vega One shakes.  They are an efficient way to get in green vegetables.  I’m going to also eat salads for lunch.  The weather is warming up supposedly (enough said).  I love -wait too strong of a word- like salads for lunch.  I’m on an arugula kick lately.  Arugula, burrata and tomatoes… yum!  In addition, our new and improved exercise room has opened at my condo building.  I’m hitting the dreadmill again – two times a week.  And I’m also going to start biking back and forth to work.

SPIRIT:  I’ve been ‘sleeping in.‘  For me, ‘sleeping in‘ means sleeping until 7.  I blame daylight savings time.  I don’t like losing that hour.  It throws me off.  By the time I get up and write, I have limited time for other activities,  My sun salutations have suffered.  I need to get back in my routine of daily sun salutations.  Physically, it’s the much needed stretching for my tired old body.  More importantly, it revives me. It restores my positive energy. Besides continuing to take two yoga classes per week, I’m also going to participate in restorative yoga this month.  It’s a two hour self massage.  I LOVE it.  Beyond my yoga practice, I will continue my daily prayer meditation through “The Little Books” and also regularly chant for the peace and joy of loved ones.

Yeah, I’m not going to miss the March Madness.  And Michigan lost so I’m really out of the March Madness.  I’m done with this month.  Onward!  April will bring showers of serenity for me.

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