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IMG_1285Sue James emailed me yesterday and asked, “Why did Serenity April turn into Manic May?”

I quickly assured her I was fine but my blog was terminal.  

I got notice last week that the Blogcast product I have been using since December 31st was terminating operations as of June 25th.  

Oh no!

And that when it went down, it was taking all content with it.  

Ah, f#@*!

Over the last six years, I’ve moved my blog from different platforms.  It’s been for growth or exposure.  Sometimes, I’ve moved my content over.  Sometimes, I left it.  Even if I didn’t move it over, I knew it would continue to exist in the limitlessness of the Internet.  It would be out there frozen in time.  My words would be preserved…forever.  Even though I’m a minimalist, I take great comfort in simultaneously discarding and hoarding my writing.  

The threat of losing all of my 169 posts made me panic.  I had to save the words.  Initially, it was a tedious cause that turned quickly into a passionate crusade.  When I started the conversion, my OCD kicked in and I couldn’t stop the urge to copy-and-paste to completion.  I stopped writing my personal musings.  I couldn’t allow myself to create one more post to move.  It was too counter productive.

So, this is the new site.  I finished last night at about 10pm.  The infrastructure is in place.  All the 2014 posts survived the Blogcast annihilation and ahead of schedule.  This is the bare bone version.  I need to add the razzle dazzle.  I like the clean look but I’m working towards a multi-faceted look with various features and guestbloggers. I’m excited for it -as Theatre Bob says- to more effectively reflect my personality than the stagnant template I was using.  

The technology has been challenging.  Digital media is not my fave.  I wish it was as easy as ‘click here’ for my vision to be actualized.  It’s not.  The process is one giant puzzle sans the boxtop.  I’m trying to figure out what pieces go together to make a pretty picture.  The exercise helps me hone my understanding of what is possible in today’s technology.  A good thing that feels a lot like scrubbing the toilet, a bothersome necessity.    

I’m finished!  EXCEPT, I have to go back in and solidify domain names and figure out the technical hoopla.  I’m co-existing with two names that I need to fuse into one. I also want to ensure current plays’ links get updated on referring sites.  Blah blah blah…

Still, I’m home.  And it’s nice to be home. 

P.S. Aunt Laura, sleep sound tonite!

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